Indians who lead

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  • Jagdish C Bose

    Jagdish C Bose

    "Jagdish Chandra Bose was a physicist, Biologist, Botanist, Archaeologist and the writer of science fiction.

  • Acharya Sushruta

    Acharya Sushruta

    Acharya Sushruta, A genius surgeon was widely accepted as the father of surgery and His mastery in the annals of medical sciences amazes every one.

  • Acharya Patanjali

    Acharya Patanjali

    Acharya Patanjali, THE FATHER OF YOG, he Science of Yog is one of the several unique contributions of India to the world. It seeks to discover and realize the ultimate reality through yogic practices .

  • Aryabhata


    Aryabhata PIONEER ASTRONOMER & MATHEMATICIAN 476 Before Common Era), “Aryabhata gave the world the digit “0” (Zero) for which he became immortal. He was known to have evolved the calculation of (PIE) up to four decimal places .

  • Varahamihira


    He was a renowned astrologer and astronomer ,Varahamihira’s book “Panchsiddhanta”holds a prominent place in the realm of astronomy.

  • Acharya Kapil

    Acharya Kapil

    ACHARYA Kapil, FATHER OF COSMOLOGY. He was the founder of Sankhya Philsophy.

  • Nagarjuna


    WIZARD OF MEDICAL SCIENCE, Nagarjuna, with his maiden discovery and invention in Chemistry & Metallurgy, Earned him the title “The Wizard of Chemical Science".

  • Acharya Kanada

    Acharya Kanada

    FATHER OF ATOMIC THEORY, Acharya Kanada was a genius philosopher. He was the pioneer expounder of realism, law of causation and the atomic theory.

  • Acharya Bharadwaja

    Acharya Bharadwaja

    Acharya Bharadwaja, PIONEER IN AVIATION TECHNOLOGY. He was an apostle of Ayurveda and mechanical science.