Amazon Prime Video To Launch Amazon Funnies- Stand Up Shorts 60 Minutes Of Unlimited Laughter Guaranteed

Saturday, Jul 20, 2024 | Last Update : 10:08 AM IST

Amazon Prime Video To Launch Amazon Funnies- Stand Up Shorts 60 Minutes Of Unlimited Laughter Guaranteed

Prime members in India and across 240 countries and territories can stream Stand-up Shorts exclusively on Amazon Prime Video starting 26th August 2021
Aug 20, 2021, 1:42 pm ISTEntertainmentAazad Staff
Amazon Funnies- Stand Up Shorts
  Amazon Funnies- Stand Up Shorts

India's unprecedented love for comedy, especially stand-up comedy, has given way to some of the best comedians from across every corner of the country. Over the past few years, comedians such as Shreeja Chaturvedi, Shankar Chugani, Ramya Ramapriya and Aadar Malik have emerged as some of the most popular entertainers of the Indian stand-up universe. In an exciting treat for all comedy fans, gear up for an hour of laughter in a special series with back to back fifteen-minute stand-up sets from the talented lot with Amazon Funnies: Stand Up Shorts, launching on 26th August 2021 in India and across 240+ countries and territories worldwide only on Amazon Prime Video.

This one hour special kicks off with an exhilarating and hilarious comic act with Comicstaan-Season 2 contestant Shreeja Chaturvedi who will effortlessly make viewers laugh with some funny anecdotes from her time spent in different towns across India. The joyride continues with another comedian who rose to fame from the Amazon Original Series - Comicstaan - Shankar Chugani. His act titled ‘selling myself short’ is guaranteed to have viewers roll on the floor. The comedy quotient continues with a fun act from Ramya Ramapriya, who first unleashed her potential in Comicstaan. Her act is a funny reflection of her 'lack of enthusiasm' described in tales that are bound to keep you laughing throughout her stand-up act. The laughter saga culminates with Aadar Malik, who recently showed his comic potential in LOL: Hasse Toh Phasse. The charming Aadar wastes no time to make us laugh with a hilarious act talking about his interactions and experiences with his beloved grandmother.

Comedian, writer, actor and content creator Shreeja Chaturvedi said, “I am delighted to collaborate with Amazon Prime Video once again after the successful launches of Comicstaan and the first edition of Amazon Funnies last year. This lockdown has taken a lot out of us and I am super stoked to be able to bring some comedy and joy back in the lives of the many people tuning in.”

Laughter sensation Shankar Chugani said, “Comedy is my way of making a living. I am truly grateful to Amazon Prime Video for giving me the perfect platform to cheer up audiences globally. I've been eagerly waiting to perform live and I thank Amazon Prime Video for giving me this wonderful opportunity.”

Comedian Ramya Ramapriya said, “I am excited to be a part of Amazon Funnies: Stand Up Shorts, a show where me and 3 of my fellow comedians come together to entertain you for an hour. The show is like a box of balloons, you never know what you're gonna get and it tastes funny. In my set, titled FUN, I share with you my idea of fun, and I hope watching it is your idea of fun. I hope you guys love it.”

The livewire, in need of no introduction Aadar Malik, who recently also featured in Amazon Prime Video’s Original Series LOL: Hasse Toh Phasse said, “I love doing what I do and this set is particularly special to me as it is dedicated to my grandmother, who will always be one of the most special women in my life. I’m sure the audience will find the act very relatable and respond to it with roars of laughter. Comedy is one of the most loved genres on Amazon Prime Video and I am glad to have this opportunity to entertain and amuse the audience.”

Don’t miss this quartet as they will fill your evening with laughter and comedy on Amazon Prime Video on August 26, 2021.


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