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Maha Shivaratri
A festival celebrated every year on the 13th night/14th day in the Krishna Paksha (waning moon) of the month of Maagha. Read more...
Nokia 3310 Refresh New Android Phone
Nokia's most popular phone ever, Nokia 3310, is making a grand comeback as a feature phone at the Mobile World Congress 2017.
BMC Mumbai Municipal Elections 2017 Results
No party managed to get a majority in Mumbai civic polls. Shiv Sena got 84, BJP 81 and Congress 31
7 new planets discovered, could hold water and life
Astronomers have discovered seven Earth-size planets orbiting a nearby star about 40 light-years away; and these new worlds could hold life.
Norway Prison
Norway's crime rates are incredibly low and Criminologists who study Norway suggest that this may have to do with its progressive take on justice and rehabilitation.
Endocannibalism: A Bizarre Death Ritual
Endocannibalism is a death ritual that involves eating the flesh of human beings from the same community after their death.
Timur, Taimur Invasion of India
Taimur (Temur in Uzbek) was one of the most intelligent, powerful and ruthless rulers of his time.
Top 10 Countries with most number of murders
On an average, around 14,574 Russians get murdered each year making it the 10th most deadliest and dangerous country to live in. Check out where India stands.
Ice Cubes in Thermocol Box
Ever wondered how our fruit juice vendors on streets manage to keep ice cubes in a thermocol box for the entire day in this scorching heat?
Shamshan Ghaat: Hindu Funeral Procession
Should Know
The usual practice in Hinduism is to cremate the body of a dead person. But the dead body of holy men, saints and children below the age of three are buried. In many Hindu communities, the body of a holy person is buried in the Padmasana Posture (Lotus Position).Hindus generally cremate their dead.
foot surgery
Two Orthopaedic Surgeons working at the Fortis Hospital at Delhi are banned deliberately from performing any surgeries for 6 months .
School bus falls in a gorge 25 meters deep, injuring 31 children this Friday morning .
All India Radio History
Read about the phenomenal growth of radio broadcasting in India.
Sarla Thakral First Indian Woman Female Pilot License CPL
Read about the first Indian woman to earn a pilot license in the year 1936.
Russia and USA Flag Rivalry
An opinion poll conducted in Russia back in 2015 found that more than 80% of Russians have negative opinions about the United States of America.
Miss Bulgaria Kills Husband in Fantasy Kinky BDSM Sex Session
Former Bulgarian beauty queen has been jailed for accidentally killing her husband during a BDSM sex session that went terribly wrong.
ISRO Creates World Record
Indian space agency ISRO has created a world record by launching 104 Satellites in one go today.
Valentine's Day History
14th Feb is usually celebrated as Valentine's Day all over the world, where people express their love towards their loved ones in a special way.

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